Eukanuba Dog Food VS. Bully Max Dog Food


SUMMARY: For less than the cost of Eukanuba, you can switch to a much higher quality food that has NEVER been recalled. Bully Max also contains 29% more calories per cup, and 37% more servings in each bag.


Summary: Bully Max is more nutrient dense than Eukanuba. By switching to Bully Max, your dog will eat nearly 65% less food. 

With Eukanuba, you'll feed your dog 3X as much food in order to meet their daily requirements.

This not only increases your cost, it also puts a greater strain on your dog’s digestive organs and causes them to have more frequent bowl movements.


Summary: According to AFP international, the size of Bully Max kibble is equally preferred by all breed sizes & ages.



The 5/5 star rating Bully Max High Performance received from was the result of using the highest quality ingredients on the market.

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