Exercise tips

Building Muscle in Older Dogs

There are many benefits to building muscle in an older dog. Building muscle is not just for athletic performance, but can lead to a higher quality of life in older dogs as well. Dogs, just like us, c…

Updated 1 year ago

How to build a spring pole (exercise equipment for dogs)

Need some ideas on how / where to hang your spring pole? Read the full article here: https://bullymax.com/spring-pole/ Don't want to build one? You can buy a heavy-duty Bully Max spring pole here: ht…

Updated 1 year ago

How to build a flirt pole (Exercise equipment for dogs)

To get the most out of Bully Max , you can exercise your dog using a flirt pole. Flirt poles bring out your dog's natural prey drive. The goal is to get them to leap, dive, and sprint as they chase t…

Updated 3 years ago

How to train your dog to weight pull - 101

Sam from the world famous Dela Cruz bloodline teaches the essentials to weight pulling. No only is weight pulling a great sport for packing on muscle & getting the most out of Bully Max , it's also a…

Updated 3 years ago

Weight pulling tips — caring for your dog's nails

Sam from the world famous Dela Cruz Kennels explains a key factor in gaining the competitive edge on the weight pull track..

Updated 3 years ago

Learn about the sport of weight pulling

The sport of weight pulling is an excellent way release pent up & improve your dog's mental health. When combined with Bully Max, it's also one of the best ways to pack muscle onto your dog.

Updated 3 years ago