Shipping & Tracking FAQs

How can I track my package?

Look for the email with the following subject line: "Order #99999 confirmed - Tracking updates inside" (your order number will be unique). This email is sent immediately after your order is placed. T…

Updated 11 months ago

How long does shipping take?

Shipping within the USA take usually 2-5 days. For an exact delivery date, look for the email with the subject link: "Order #99999 confirmed - Tracking updates inside" (your order number will be uniq…

Updated 11 months ago

Did you recently move? Here's how to get your packages forwarded to your new address

If you recently moved, we highly suggest filing a change of address with USPS. This will ensure that any mail sent to your previous address will be forwarded to your new address. It only cost $1.00 a…

Updated 11 months ago

My tracking number says my package was delivered, but it hasn't arrived

Check with a neighbor & residents at your home. The package might have been signed for by a neighbor or another resident at your location. Can you please check with others at your address, or perhaps…

Matthew Kinneman
Updated 11 months ago by Matthew Kinneman