Which Muscle Builder is Right For Your Dog?

There are several reasons to build muscle in your dog, and not just if you want compete in shows.  It can help in athletic performances such as weight pulling and dock diving but also if you just like to run, hike, hunt or be active with your pet in any way.  Also, let us not forget, a muscular dog is a healthy dog and it looks great. We know having a high quality food, supplementation, and getting plenty of exercise helps but which supplement should you choose for your dog?  Here at Bully Max we have three great options to choose from.

The Original Bully Max Muscle Builder

Bully Max Muscle Builder is the supplement that started it all here.  Our original formula is great for any dog and can be given as young as 7 weeks old.  The combination of protein and amino acids will help add lean muscle to your dog. It will not add much weight if that is what you need, but you typically see results in lean muscle tone in about three weeks on average.  This is great for all dogs no matter how active or inactive they may be. It is also a great starting point in regards to supplementing your dog’s diet. It is not as strong as our other muscle builders but is still a great supplement that will show results.

Performance Chews

Our Performance Chews contain more protein and vitamins than our Bully Max Muscle Builder.  Typically you see results a little bit faster on your dog than you would on Bully Max. These are great for a dog that could use an energy push.  They work well for any activity where you have your dog out working for several hours and could use a midday snack. Your author here personally likes hiking with my pit and I keep a couple Chews in my backpack for my dog to have when we reach the halfway point in the trip.  Performance Chews also have plenty of B vitamins that really help give the dog natural energy for work or play. They can also be used as a regular baseline supplement if you want some more protein in your dog’s diet. Just like with our Bully Max, Performance Chews do not necessarily add weight but will help build lean muscle on your dog.  Another benefit the chews have is omega fish oil. There are numerous benefits to fish oil in your dog’s diet, most noticeably to the skin and coat. It can help with allergies affecting the coat and help give it that nice healthy shine.

Gorilla Max

Gorilla Max is the strongest muscle builder we have.  It has the most protein and vitamins per serving. It comes in a powder you sprinkle on your dog’s food and mix in evenly.  Gorilla Max is recommended for the most active dogs or any dog that needs to build some serious muscle. Gorilla Max also contains fish oil like our chews so it is great for their skin and coat.  Another advantage to Gorilla Max is probiotics. Probiotics have been shown to help with a range of health benefits including gut health, boosting the immune system, reducing allergy symptoms and promoting skin and coat health.  No diet is complete without protein, fish oil, and probiotics. B vitamins are also found in Gorilla Max helping give your dog the energy he or she needs to perform at their peak, plus all the protein they need to recover. Once again Gorilla Max is a muscle builder meant to add lean muscle to your dog, not a pure weight gainer.  

Combining Muscle Builders     

You can combine any and all of our muscle builders if you would like.  Everything we make is all natural so there is never any worry about them not mixing well together.  This is recommended more for a highly active or working dog. If you have a little couch potato, Bully Max Muscle Builder may be all you need.  It is also a great idea to start a young puppy on Bully Max and switch up to the Chews or Gorilla Max after a couple months of use. Just like us, you don’t always want to give your dog the highest strength supplement and perform the highest intensity activity level when you are just starting out.  Building up to peak performance is the best way to prevent injury and add muscle in a healthy way. If you would like to discuss any of our products further do not hesitate to contact our customer service team and they will help guide you to whatever supplement is right for your dog.

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